Colorado Fine Arts Association, is proud to present the legendary Nepali Folk Band, Sur Sudha, at the Broomfield Auditorium.

Music is the language of humanity-and we are a diverse humankind. In order to reflect our world, music must be represented by all diverse cultures and people. At the end of the day, as different as we are or may seem, we are at the core, very much alike.

And hearing from different cultures gives us the opportunity of a greater understanding between us and brings more unity in our world. Music has no judgement. It simply reflects the heart. And the heart speaks in many different tones and languages.

In attempt to tailor all these messages, Sur Sudha, one of Nepal’s most renowned musical bands, is embarking on a tour of North America to spread their message of the “Healing Power of Music” and will be performing in Denver on Nov 4th, 2022 at Broomfield Auditorium. The event is organized by Colorado fine Arts Association (CFAA) , a Broomfield based non-profit which has been organizing musicals since 2011.

Sur Sudha has come to be known as the cultural ambassadors of Nepal. And they still seem steadfast in their devotion and commitment to the cause of Nepali classical fusion music. Whenever the country has high dignitaries, Surendra with Sur Sudha is the most sought after artist in Nepal. They have received many international accolades, such as being Nepal’s Goodwill Ambassadors, Winner of the World Spiritual Music of the Hollywood Spiritual Film and Entertainment Festival, and Surendra Shrestha was selected as part of the original Playing for Change project.

Over the years, music they created has touched millions of audiences from across many countries globally. Sur Sudha has performed for dignitaries from different countries including Chancellor of Germany, Prime Minister of France, Prince Harry of the UK, President of China, and Prime Minister of India to name a few. The band has performed with many  prominent musicians from different parts of the world such as Tabla Maestro Ustad Zakir Hussain, Ms. Jani Boni, Mr. Louis Becktignac, Mr. Ghulam Ali, Mr. Ziggy Marley and Ringo.

Known as Nepal’s “Musical Ambassadors,” Sur Sudha is dedicated to creating music that disseminates a universal message of peace and harmony and works to demonstrate how two of the world’s great religions-Hinduism and Buddhism-find perfect fusion in Nepal.

Do come, watch this musical extravagance, from the Himalayan country of Nepal