RMTU 2024
17th Annual Rocky Mountain Thyagaraja Utsavam

17th Annual Rocky Mountain Thyagaraja Utsvam (Music) will take place on Sunday, Feb 11th, 2024. 

Here are the details

When: 02/11/2024, 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Where: Parsons Theater, Northglenn, CO

Ticket Fee: FREE to attend. Reserve below

 Performance Fee: FREE for CFAA Patrons. $25 for Non Patrons


Guidelines for Performing at RMTU

1. To give a SOLO performance, performers must be proficient in at least 4-5 varnams.

2. If you are just starting Varnams or at Geethams level, you can only perform in a group. Please check with your teacher before you register. Your teacher will guide you as we have informed the teachers about the format.


3. Performances whether SOLO or Group should be limited to One Krithi not exceeding 5-8 minutes.  Performing  more than one krithi irrespective of the duration is not allowed. Group performances are encouraged to accommodate most applicants. Manodharma ( raagam, taanam, neraval, swarams ) is not allowed. Only exception is if the Krithi has a chittaswaram.


4. All Performances should strictly be in classical music ( Carnatic, Hindustani etc). Film Music or light devotional songs won’t be permitted and CFAA reserves the right to decline the registration regard this matter.


5. Performance must be a Krithi/Keerthana. Geethams and Nottu Swarams won’t be allowed.


6. Advanced Level performers who can improvise and can present various aspects of music, E.g., Manodharma, are given 15 mins to perform. You may be contacted and may be asked to provide an audio file before accepting your registration at this level.
There are limited number of slots since the event is in-person event. Participants have to be physically present and this is not a Virtual Music Event. CFAA will notify you if your application has been accepted once you register.


7. Composer can be anyone ( E.g Thyagaraja, Dikshitar etc.).


8. SOLO performances are strictly limited to one performance irrrespective of performance type ( Vocal, violin, veena, sitar etc.). Participants of SOLO/Group performances can accompany other performers without any limit.


9. Participant can perform in a group or as SOLO but not both.


10. Applications are due before Jan 15th, 2024.


11. Registrations may close before the deadline when required number of participants have registered.


12. For questions, please email