In the past (from 2011-2022) there was an option to use the Collaborate with CFAA. Starting 2023, this is no longer available. There are several  reasons for removing this feature as decided by the board of directors but the main ones are that we have found many members who have otherwise no interest in CFAA’s mission and success joining the organization just for the sake of obtaining this financial benefit. 

While we want to offer all financial benefits to everyone, the mission of our organization is to promote arts with a tangible benefit to CFAA.

So what are the options now?

The proposed alternative is to run the program on behalf of CFAA as a partner. This is highly beneficial for you (guaranteed success as CFAA could buy the tickets for your event in addition to providing you the same financial benefits as before) and CFAA (we reach more community members and serve our mission of furthering the arts). 

The terms and conditions for this partnership is given below.

 1. You will need to be a CFAA Platinum Patron to be eligible to be a partner of CFAA. There are no additional fees for being a partner, but you will be obviously paying the venue rental fee and insurance fee to CFAA (see below)

 2. You will first propose an event below by emailing us the following information (Name of the Event, Proposed Date of the Event, Proposed Venue of the Event, Purpose of the event). You will then wait for the approval (which could take up to 2 weeks depending on our availability, so kindly plan ahead of time).

3. Once approved, you will need to run the event as CFAA presents in all your marketing and any published materials in the social media and print materials. Print material posters with CFAA logo should be emailed to CFAA as soon as it is ready for CFAA to market it on our website

4. CFAA logo should prominently displayed on all marketing and other materials. The logo to be used is available from the Download Logo button below

5.  CFAA should be thanked at the beginning and the end of the event

6.  CFAA board of directors should be invited to the event

7. CFAA will also be open to buying the tickets for our patrons at the prevailing market rates ensuring the success of the events. This will be a win-win for the partner and the CFAA patrons. The final decision regarding this resides with the CFAA board of directors. You should email CFAA with your marketing materials to get the initial approval and then post that in the CFAA Patrons WhatsApp group to obtain this FREE service. You will collect the names of the CFAA patrons who wants to buy tickets through CFAA and email it to CFAA. You should not provide them the tickets unless you get a confirmation from CFAA as people might claim to be CFAA patrons when they are not really patrons in good standing. This is a one-time activity where you should email us 7 days before the event. We are no longer able to receive and respond to multiple emails regarding this. CFAA will confirm the valid patron list within 2 days of receiving your email and will make the payment to you via PayPal (confirm the email address to receive PayPal donation from CFAA) within 7 days of the completion of the event. 

8. You should be a CFAA Platinum patron on the day of the event to be eligible for being a partner presenter. You can join CFAA as a patron by clicking on the “Join CFAA” button below

9. The venue contracts has to be signed by the Executive Director or Treasurer of CFAA. Please connect your venue contact with CFAA to ensure that the contract is signed by CFAA.  The actual cost of venue rental (with the discounts) should be paid to CFAA using the PayPal Donation link given below. It is the responsibility of the presenter to find this information and make the payment. CFAA is no longer able to coordinate these activities. We will make the payment to the venue as soon as we verify that we have received the payment. 

10. As the venue is rented through CFAA (Venue has to be rented through CFAA), the insurance amount for the venue should be paid using the PayPal Donation link given below. CFAA will inform you of the insurance amount. It is the responsibility of the presenter to pay CFAA in a timely manner. CFAA will generate the insurance certificate and share it with the venue within 48 hours of verifying the receipt of the payment.

None of the steps given above are negotiable and failure to adhere to it will permanently forfeit your ability to collaborate and avail the benefits in future. You will also be liable to pay the discounts you availed through CFAA if you are unable to thank CFAA and use the CFAA Presents in your marketing of the event.